OBEX Systems has obtained confirmation that their OBEX MT P4 Terminal has been approved for use on Highways England road schemes. This confirmation was authorised by TRL whom also confirmed the product will be included in the Highways England list of EN1317 Compliant Road Restraint Systems when it is next published in June 2015.

The approval is based on the testing of this product in accordance with EN1317 part 4, 2002 which requires the product to meet stringent performance criteria to pass four vehicle impact tests (two frontal impacts and two lateral impacts). OBEX MT P4 Terminal has in addition successfully passed two further impact tests to comply with prEN1317 part 7 which will be formally implemented by European authorities in the not too distant future.

OBEX designed the OBEX MT P4 based on a modular configuration of shock absorbing cells that can be used for both single sided and double-sided applications. Furthermore, its cellular compression behaviour is fail-safe where cells crush, fold and concertina in unison to withstand the energy of vehicle impact without any risk of a residual hazard. The concept was developed to entirely mitigate the potential for malfunction and spearing of errant vehicles which has been an issue for traditional corrugated beam systems.

OBEX MT P4 is rated as P4, B, D1.2, Z2 and provides unrivalled performance characteristics in the market to comply with EN1317 part 4 and prEN1317 part 7.