Detaillierte Lärmuntersuchungen

Carrying out wide ranging noise surveys on behalf of local and national government for road, rail and industrial schemes.

Incorporating fixed noise monitoring systems as part of long-term noise management plans.

Beim Design werden wir genaue Messungen verwenden, um Computergeräuschmodelle zu kalibrieren, um sicherzustellen, dass Geräuschvorhersagen robust und zuverlässig sind.
Alle unsere Geräte werden nach UKAS getestet und kalibriert, um sicherzustellen, dass unsere Ergebnisse so genau wie möglich sind.

Modellierung von Computerrauschen

Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfungen erfordern detaillierte Geräusche e Modelle für das Lärmmanagement und den Entwurf von Lärmminderungssystemen für Industrie- und Verkehrssysteme.

We typically use International noise software packages such as CadnaA and Mithra suited for large scale applications.

Noise maps can be calculated to all International noise design codes.


Unter Berücksichtigung aller Gebäude, Topographie kale Merkmale, Wetter- und Bodenbedingungen, genaue Lärmkarten und Höhenliniendiagramme werden erstellt, um ein klares Bild davon zu erhalten, wo die Lärmminderung am dringendsten benötigt wird.

These can be as detailed as required to show how intrusive noise can be controlled at different floor levels, facades and garden/amenity locations.

Robust konstruierte Lärmschutzwände

The model is used to calculate the optimum noise mitigation scheme for the project.

Noise barriers are designed in detail taking into account their required sound absorption and airborne sound insulation. Our designs can then be matched to specific noise barrier products and their certified acoustic performance.

Specified For Performance And Durability

  • Noise Barriers are comprehensively specified for acoustic, mechanical and structural performance and for long term durability.
  • All our design studies are presented in a detailed specification report giving the “before and after” performance of the noise barrier scheme and specifying the barrier in terms of its type, performance, dimensions and structure to satisfy planning requirements and noise standards.


OBEX supplies Aluminium Panels that offer high performance solutions as either Reflective, Absorbent or Hybrid noise mitigation systems. The noise barriers can be made in a range of thicknesses and with varying grades of insulation to suit specific applications. Panels are easily installed with posts that are especially designed to facilitate the elimination of fixings, rivets or other conventional connection techniques. OBEX specialises in engineering optimised infrastructure to support noise barriers including the design of rolled or cast posts and anchorage systems with appropriate finishes to suit aesthetic and durability requirements.


OBEX provides solutions for noise barriers using transparent or translucent sections with the use acrylic polymer components. This material is more commonly known as Plexiglass ® and is primarily used as a reflective noise barrier and is available in a range of thicknesses and specifications to suit project specific requirements. The material is embedded with polyamide threads so in the event of breakage due to an accident, these threads retain any sheet fragments and prevent them from falling on traffic. Other features include a provision to embed heavy dark stripes into transparent sheets to prevent birds colliding with the panels.