Bridge Parapets

OBEX offers the safest and highest performing Aluminium Bridge Parapets systems for motorway and rail applications in a range of containment levels.


OBEX Line Bridge Parapets offer a range of fully extruded Aluminium Parapet system available as fully tested CE marked products in both 3 Rail and 4 Rail configurations. OBEX Line H2BW4 is the first Aluminium Parapet system to be fully tested to meet H2 containment level EN1317 part 2 and as such is the only available system to be CE Marked for this performance level!


OBEX Curve Bridge Parapets provides a more decorative arrangement in a 3 Rail configuration using a cast aluminium post and extruded rails to provide high containment levels tested to TL3/ TL4 containment level in accordance with NCHRP 350.


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