Descripción general

OBEX MT P4 Terminal is the first terminal system in the world to be successfully tested to prEN1317 Part 7. All test results have been fully validated by AISICO (Notified Body) and thereafter peer reviewed by the world renowned testing facility TRL.

The design of the product has been developed to provide the safest performance to terminate and anchor guardrail in high speed situations. It behaves much like a crash cushion in how it absorbs the energy of vehicle impact with the compression of its unique energy absorbing steel cellular sections. The design reflects a new generation of P4 Terminal that is a departure from conventional systems based on corrugated beam profiles. Such corrugated beam systems have been known to malfunction if installed incorrectly and can present a hazard such as spearing of vehicles.

The OBEX MT P4 complies with EN1317 part 4 and prEN1317 part 7 (T110).

Please download the system brochure for more detailed information on the range of applications.

The OBEX Modular P4 Terminal design concept is unique, innovative and covered with a Patent Pending application (UK No. 1421308.6).

OBEX MT debe ser instalado por instaladores OBEX capacitados y certificados solo de acuerdo con el Manual de instalación de OBEX. Una capacitación aprobada por LANTRA está disponible en Fencing and Construction Training (FaCT) Ltd. Comuníquese con Sybil o Tim al +44 (0) 121476 4731 o / para reservar un curso.


Clase de rendimiento P1 / P2
Índice de gravedad de aceleración "ASI" B
Desplazamiento lateral permanente x1, y2
Zona de desplazamiento permanente S 0,5; T 2,0; U 0.5
Clasificación de la caja de salida Z1
Especificación de prueba

TT 1.3.110  

TT 2.1.100  

TT 3.3.110  

TT 4.3.110  

TT 5.1.100  

TT 6.3.110


Altura 1090 milímetros
No. de rieles 3 no.
Ancho promedio 400 mm
Anchura del poste 200 mm
Centros de correos 3m


  • Shock absorbing modular components provide crash cushion performance with no risk of residual hazard
  • Fully tested to prEN 1317 Part 7 including impact on transition connection from Guard Rail
  • For use in Single or Double-sided applications
  • Simple modular components can be pre-assembled for rapid installation
  • Overall length minimised to 7m and only 3 posts to be anchored in soil/ pavement
  • Flexible anchorage configurations with either driven posts, cast-in sockets or concrete base
  • Durable components hot-dipped galvanised
  • Modular components can be easily replaced if vehicle impact causes minor damage only