Industry News – Driving off a Ramped End Terminal!

Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2015

In a recent video published on YouTube by Fifth Gear (Dec 2014), Jon Bentley highlights the dangers of driving into a “ramped end” Terminal, a traditional method of anchoring and terminating guardrail prior to the use of energy absorbing systems. The video is a stark reminder of the hazard that still exists in roadways where ramp down Terminals are in place.

One of the most alarming statements in the video advises that “according to a survey in Warwickshire every motorway junction with ramped ends can expect an injury or death from a crash like this every five years or so”.¬†Ongoing replacement of ramped end terminals is a welcome response to this problem and the OBEX MT range of End Terminals provides¬†the safest performance in absorbing energy from vehicle impact across a range of performance levels and to the latest and forthcoming European standards.

Click here to view Fifth Gear Video on YouTube